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What Exactly is on My Personal Credit Report, Besides My Credit Record History?

by Sandra Wellman

The information on your personal credit report is very important. Most people are not aware of all that's included, besides the usual credit record history. You might wonder why you don't get approved for a loan, credit card or don't get a job if you don't have bad credit. But for the lendors, there are other things to consider.

Most people know the basic information on their personal credit report includes name, address, telephone number, social security number and your date of birth. 

What many people may not know is that alias names are also listed on your credit record history. Your former address or addresses are also included as are old telephone numbers. If you have an unlisted telephone number, it is still listed with the rest of your personal credit report. Many people are surprised to find that unlisted phone numbers can be included in this document, but it is.

Another surprise that pops up is your employment history. This may not seem relevant or even fair but lendors have to consider the personís capacity to make timely payments. In order to do so, the employment history has to be included on your personal credit report because the agency lending the money or the company providing the line of credit needs to determine if the potential debtor has a stable source of income. 

Some people are disappointed to discover that they their applications are turned down simply because they have just started a new job. A person with little history included on his personal credit report may not get a loan or a line of credit if he has only been working for a company for a few weeks or months. The person has demonstrated no stability and there is little else the creditor has to go by aside from payment history. If this is a first-time applicant, he may find himself out of luck. 

There are some things that are left out of your personal credit report. Your age, race and marital status are off limits to a prospective employer who is conducting a search on you. These items are not relevant to employment so these are kept private. 

Bankruptcies that are over ten years old are left off as well as debts that are over seven years old. This is the general rule, but it is a good idea to look into your credit record history no matter what. Some old debts may still show up and bankruptcies may not disappear in a timely manner. It is always a good idea to check your personal credit report for accuracy. You can get a free copy of your credit report by contacting any of the credit bureaus listed on our resource page. You are allowed one free copy per year, unless you are turned down for credit twice, then you may be allowed one additional.

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