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Free & Easy Ways to Get One Way Links to Your Web Site

A lot of people are probably already aware of the fact that linking is the most efficient way of how a person or company can promote their site to other people. There are different types of links available that are used to lead people into a certain website, but the best among all these types is one way linking. A web master can successfully create one way links to his/her website by doing one or more of the following strategies.


The first method is to submit your link to online directories so that when a person looks into it, there is a great chance that your website will be visited. The advantage of submitting your link into these directories is that you are assured of a link to your site; you do not need to pay anything, unless you want a premium listing. With some directories, you may have to add a link back to their site. The only crucial thing about these directories is for you to place your link under the right category so that people who visit your site will really find what they are looking for.


Another method by which you can have one way backlinks for your site is for you to post them on social networking sites. Since these social networking sites are very popular today, you can take advantage of this by using them as a means of spreading word about your website. You can place your links on your own profile page if you have an account or you can just ask personal friends to place it on their profile as well. This way, your site will be linked into a public website without any type of payment or charge.


In addition, because blogs are becoming more and more popular today, if you own one then you can easily place the link of your website there. In fact, you can also include the link you want to advertise in every post that you make. This way, you will surely get the attention and curiosity of your blog visitors and encourage them to click the link you are posting. Another advantage of placing links within blog posts is that these posts will appear in the event that a person searches something that is related to the topic of a certain blog post. Therefore, there is a big possibility of increasing the traffic in your website by placing the links in your blog posts.


Submitting articles can be another great way to gain permanent one way links for your website. You can agree to write certain articles for a specific website that is related to your website. It doesn't just have to be for article directories, which you may already be familiar with and is also an excellent way to get one way links. By doing so, you can encourage your readers to visit your site for more information about the topic of your article. This is a win win for both parties, as the web master gets new content for their site and you get a oneway link to your site.


It is also possible for you to include your website in a blog post and then submitting it as an RSS feed. For those who are not aware, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and the documents being published are called “web feeds”. When you want to include your link in a blog post for example, you can submit your blog's RSS feed and then all those people who are subscribed to it will be able to read the post you wrote and also the link you included in the post itself.


Another method for announcing the existence of your website is through the form of press releases. With these press releases, a web master can clearly state what their site is all about by giving valuable and brief information about it. You could obtain hundreds of one way links to your site using this method alone. There are several press release sites that people use for this purpose. A few free ones are,, and


These methods can either be used all at the same time or you can focus on just one or two from all those mentioned. It is really up to you on how you will strategize in your one way linking given all these different methods or how much time you have available. Spend a little time every day or week and you'll be getting plenty of visitors in no time.




Disclaimer: While we do our best to bring you the most accurate information available, each country and company has different rules and policies. You should always check the policies and procedures of the companies you do business with before making important decisions. We will not be held responsible for actions you take on your own. If you are not sure what to do to help yourself, please seek the advice of a licensed professional. Some links on this site are affiliate links where compensation is received when a sale is made. Some links on this site are affiliate links where compensation is received when a sale is made.

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