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Identity Theft Protection and Prevention

Identity Theft and the Internet


Over 1 million people were victims of Identity Theft in 2005, which is 10 times less than in 2002. People are becoming aware of how to protect themselves and what to do if they become victims. Please read the articles below and take the necessary measures as soon as you can to protect yourself from identity theft. A few hours now could save you hundreds in the future. The average identity theft victim spends 145 hours to correct their problem.


I can see why people are falling prey to this scam. The caller has your credit card info already, so you assume they really are from the credit card company. Let your family and friends know about this right away, during this shopping season, so they won't be victims either.

Information on how to protect yourself from Identity Theft and PC Hackers, including software you can get free and tips for passwords.

Very important information on what to do, and not do if you are the victim of Identity Theft. Includes one item that can really save you or make things worse.

Yes, believe it or not, your child's identity can be stolen, if they have a social security card, which most do.

Identity theft is a real and growing threat, but most people are unaware that over half of identity thefts occur in the workplace. New laws and court cases in 2005 have established a clear responsibility for employers to provide adequate safeguards over workers' identity data, or face stiff fines and civil damages.

Identity theft does not usually occur from online transactions, but rather from offline mishaps with mail, loss of personal information or theft of personal information.

The Paypal and Ebay phishing scams. Unfortunately many payment processors are now being used to victimize customers into giving up their information and become victim of Identity theft. Read my article above which includes info on Spoof Stick and preventing identity theft from phishing scams.

The new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan gives identity thieves a new avenue to scam unsuspecting seniors. Please read this article and pass it on to your friends or relatives who might use the Medicare drug plan. Even if they don't, it's a good idea to go over some identity theft tactics elderly people might encounter, especially if their wits are slowing down a bit.

If you don't read the terms of service when loading certain software, these companies may have an agreement to also load other software on your PC. It may be Spyware and it may not be, but don't you think it should be more obvious to everyone than expecting us to read 20 pages of contract garble?

What should have been a positive thing to help consumers with lots of information on identity theft prevention, may have just empowered thieves with new ways to get what they want to steal our identities.

Identity theft. Credit fraud. Medical fraud. TrustedID offers a $1,000,000 warranty to keep you safe. Try it free.

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          Ebooks on Identity Theft

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          You and Your Family against Identity Theft.

          ID Theft Recovery Guide and Prevention Manual - An essential guide to help educate the public
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To file an identity theft claim, please visit our resource page, for the link to the Federal Trade Commission.

Disclaimer: While we do our best to bring you the most accurate information available, each country and company has different rules and policies. You should always check the policies and procedures of the companies you do business with before making important decisions. We will not be held responsible for actions you take on your own. If you are not sure what to do to help yourself, please seek the advice of a licensed professional. Some links on this site are affiliate links where compensation is received when a sale is made.

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